I have worked for two Boca Raton Country Clubs as their Director of Marketing and Communications: Stonebridge and Royal Palm Yacht and Country Club. 
At Stonebridge Country Club we did a complete rebrand including a new logo, icon, patterns, imagery, fonts, and color scheme. The initial rebrand was a collaborative effort between myself, a creative agency and our board of governors. Emphasis was placed on simplifying to just a clean version of the logo type and having an icon that wasn't heavy on graphic elements and instead worked well at various sizes and across many digital applications. 
The overall goal was to encapsulate the Stonebridge Brand in what we considered, 'subtle elegance' as well as to create a feeling of wanting to belong. This feeling manifested into out new tagline, "Everything You Love" which we would use in our marketing as "Everything You Love, All In One Place" or "Everything You Love Is Here".
Color scheme changed from black and gold gradient to a more modern dark green and cream and white tones which was more fitting of its Florida brand in combination with the more subtle elegance we were looking to achieve.
Royal Palm Yacht & Country Club was not a complete rebrand, but in many respects it felt like it. This rebrand was done entirely myself and is the culmination of a deep dive and study into who Royal Palm was and wanted to be going into the future.
The initial tree logo I encapsulated in a circle within another circle to give it that looking through a port of the ship type feel or a sun as it rises over the horizon of the sea.
Royal Palm is also widely known as RPYCC and so it was important to brand it this way.
Colors were initially a light 'royal' blue and tan colors. The royal blue, while fitting of the name, didn't fit with the regality of elegance, and I felt a deeper darker (richer) midnight blue was more fitting of the brand. I also moved us away from tan and into a gold gradient which was more fitting of the various mixes of browns, tans, creams, sands and other gold highlights found throughout the Clubhouse. Keeping with white was also essential, as the white of most yachts keeps that feeling of cleanliness and pristine elegance.
Three fonts were chosen - A script font, a serif, and sans-serif. The script font helped to create some fun aspects where before none existed, and having fun is very much a part of the Royal Palm brand.
I also changed the full logo away from a font that was particularly challenging and no longer matched the rebrand.
Along with these subtle changes we also set guidelines for menus, flyers, posters, departments, stationary, photography and more until the revised brand was completely infused in the Membership's every day lives.

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