While digital creations are great, print takes on a different life form. When moving from digital to print, the thought process changes, and not just from the usual RGB to CMYK color productions, but also how something will look on a page, knowing if your printer prints a little lighter or darker, whether you will have a white border around the edges or a full bleed, font size, who your audience is and whether they will be able to read that font size. These are all considerations when moving a file from digital to print. You also have to know your way around a printer.
Flyers happen to be a great print medium that provide amazing opportunities for branding. In the Country Club sphere, there are many different types of activities going on, and sometimes differentiating these facilities, either by color, pattern, iconography, texture, layout, or some combination of any of these, allows you to brand them with these consistent and often repeating attributes. Stonebridge Country Club was much more into flyers, while Royal Palm has some, but relies more heavily on email and the printed magazine. At Stonebridge, flyers were often displayed in the main lobby, but also in prime traffic locations such as the Golf Shop, Card Play areas, or even on the sidelines at large events. 
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