Magazines are a staple of the Country Club world. They are an all-in-one tactile piece of literature that Members can pick up, hold onto, and get a sense of what is going on at their Club. However, coming into the space, I didn't exactly like the look of what we had to offer and found that this was similar across much of the Country Club atmosphere. You essentially had million dollar homes, expensive membership fees, and then poor quality magazines whose lack of elegance and refinement didn't line up with what Members were paying for. I sought to change this.
At Stonebridge Country Club, all of our designs originally came out of Romania. This lack of direct control along with a time difference and an absent brand, produced designs that had no level of consistency or theme. When I became director, I shed ourselves of the Romania design company, brought in our own designer, taught myself creative design, and hired a local creative agency to create a brand for us. This helped to create beautiful magazines, clear information, and a level of consistency that at a glance, people recognized at once. 
Coming into Royal Palm, I had only produced 4 large magazines and several smaller ones. However, Royal Palm produces a roughly 40 page magazine each month, which is an enormous undertaking with a small staff. That being said, I have enjoyed the challenge, the coordination, and the creative work involved with producing them.
Below you can find samples of my own creative work and branding with magazines:
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