Menus at Country Clubs are a huge component to the Club atmosphere. The challenges are, that unlike a traditional restaurant who may only change their menu seasonally, Country Clubs change their menus monthly, weekly, and yes, sometimes even daily! This doesn't include the menus needed for large events as well. It can be a giant undertaking. There are designs for different areas of a Club and different times of the day. A lot of thought goes into each menu, including menu design theory with how to highlight items that chefs want to either sell more of or get rid of.
Below you can see a few menu examples I put together for some special events and many of the Royal Palm dining venues. The last menu though, I'm particularly fond of and can't be mocked up, because it was created using a 'vivid kit' and is actually printed on blue paper. The background seahorse is actually not in a CMYK, but in Clear and the text is in actual White ink. Using the vivid kit at Royal Palm has been a treat and certainly has elevated the Member experience.
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