And a little bit more since you're already here ...
In case you couldn't tell, I recently got married. I currently live in sunny Deerfield Beach Florida and work at Royal Palm Yacht and Country Club as their Director of Marketing and Communications. 
Aside from Marketing and Creative design, I also dabble as a writer. I have a few self-published books along with some illustrated children's stories that I'm working on. I'll link to those below!
For leisure I love movies, a great book, writing, going dancing with my wife, playing ball with my dogs, swimming, powerlifting, and you may occasionally find me trying to hike up a mountain or surf a wave (or getting pummeled by one as I'm still trying to get the hang of it).
I have this perpetual drive to learn, to experience the world, and always grow in whatever I do. I hope you enjoy learning about me through either my creative work or books and feel free to connect with me as great connections is what life is all about.
Boli and the Desert is a high quality, long form, preschool book for children (ages 3 – 5) who love to read and be read to!
Boli travels across the desert in search of a hero – The ‘Hero Boli’. With the help of a jerboa, two elephants, and an elderly snake, Boli learns how the desert is not an empty place (or ice cream!), but offers fun, friends, adventures and a whole lot more than he could ever have imagined.
Learn more at the website (still under construction):

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